​Occupational therapy practitioners have a holistic approach to therapy and rehabilitation, focusing on both the person and their environment. At Solei Rehab& Wellness we specialize in environmental and home modifications to improve a person's ability to safely perform their daily occupations at home.

We offer a comprehensive home safety assessments tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Our main goal is to help people remain safe and independent in their home. 

Some of the many areas we address include safe entry into and out of the home, the ability to safely maneuver throughout your home, the ability to safely use the bathroom or kitchen, or use of outdoor areas for gardening or other leisure activities. 

A home assessment by a trained professional can help prevent falls, improve safety, and enhance quality of life. 

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Alzheimer's Disease

Vascular Dementia
Lewy Body Dementia

Frontotemporal Dementia

We understand the trials and tribulations of caring for a loved one with dementia. Most people with dementia suffer from decreased memory, poor problem solving, and communication and/or language difficulties, and these impact their overall ability to perform their daily tasks. 


At Solei Rehab & Wellness, we work with patients, family members, and caregivers to create a supportive and nurturing environment to help maintain independence for as long as possible. We provide education and training for compensatory and adaptive ways to complete daily tasks. We focus on health promotion and health maintenance, environmental and home modifications, and enhancing overall function. 




Diabetes doesn't have to take over your life. The use of a multidisciplinary approach can help you better manage your diabetes. At Solei Rehab & Wellness we work with your medical team to design a program that is tailored to your specific diabetic needs.


Most programs will incorporate the following aspects:

1. Education about diabetes, related diseases, and risk factors.

2. Monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and foot inspections. 

3. Creation of a home exercise program to increase physical activity. 

4. Strategies for effective medication management. 

5. Problem solving and coping mechanisms to address stress, anxiety, or depression. 

6. Healthy eating and meal preparation skills to create sustainable routines with eating.



While it is not possible to prevent every fall, most falls are preventable. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

1. Exercise regularly to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Exercise has been shown to help prevent falls, and prevent injury if you do fall.

2. Wear proper shoes. Your shoes should have laces or straps, good traction, and make sure they are snug. Your heel should not slide out. Leave the slippers, crocks, and sandals in the closet.

3. Shovel your walkways or driveway. Try to avoid walking on fresh snow. Ask for help shoveling snow if you’re afraid of falling.

4. Make sure you’re getting enough calcium and Vitamin D to help protect your bones. Most Northern states do not get enough Vitamin D in the winter. Talk to your doctor about a supplement.

5. Plan extra time for outings. Being in a hurry and rushing to get something done can be a recipe for disaster in the snow.

A multidisciplinary approach to fall prevention is the most effective way to prevent falls and hospitalizations. At Solei Rehab & Wellness, you will work with both physical and occupational therapists to improve balance, strength, and endurance. A thorough home safety assessment will help to identify areas of concern and the need for home and environmental modifications.




We know that physical and occupational therapy are important after hip, knee, back, shoulder, or cardiac surgery. But what about before surgery? 

Numerous studies have shown that pre-operative physical and occupational therapy can reduce hospitalization stays, shorten recovery times, and improve overall functional outcomes. For patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery, one study showed reduced pulmonary complications including atelectasis (lung collapse) and pneumonia. 

Pre physical and occupational therapy at Solei Rehab & Wellness focuses on preparing you for surgery.


Therapists will provide:  

1. Education about post-operative precautions.

2. Low-intensity and gentle exercises to improve strength, range of motion, and overall flexibility.

3. A home assessment to ensure your home is accessible and free of fall hazards. 


You will heal quicker and get your life back faster



Getting older doesn't have to be difficult. You can age well and live a healthy and happy life with a little prevention and preparation. 

You should NOT wait until you have a fall to address balance. 

You should NOT wait until you can't tie your shoes to address flexibility. 

You should NOT wait until you can't get up the the stairs to address strength. 

You SHOULD take preventative action to help you maintain your independence and be able to enjoy your retirement! 

Aging adults and seniors need regular exercise and fitness to improve or maintain strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and endurance. Regular exercises leads to a greater ability to function on a daily basis, and rely less on family or friends for help.